Meet Our Team

SIMONA and MISHA – Associates

Simona and Misha attended Denver Integrative Massage School to study sports massage, joint mobility, reflexology, integrated Thai, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Their practice ranges from full body relaxation and integration to specific outcome based sessions. They primarily use traditional Thai massage and myofascial release to encourage the body’s innate ability to heal.

Simona’s passions revolve around exploring the holistic lifestyle, one that incorporates personal integrity and responsibility, family, and deep self healing. Outside of massage she focuses on being a good mother, partner and friend. Her world is infused with a genuine playful curiosity.

Misha has a commitment to truth, leading him to explore the psychological, physical and spiritual ways we can cultivate balance. He often spends time reflecting, writing, and conversing. Beyond the personal pursuits, his life is centered on the people he loves and the fabric of relationships that holds it all together.





In 1991, Macen started Mountain Springs Massage and Integrative Therapies and his journey in massage therapy, aiming to offer solace.  Over the years, his mission expanded far beyond physical healing.  He became proficient in various massage techniques, including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy, as well as energy Techniques such as Reiki, Meridian Restoration, and IM energy catering to diverse client needs.

Beyond physical well-being, Macen obtained certifications to support clients in mental and emotional mastery.  He trains and empowers individuals and groups to achieve their life goals.  He’s a global educator, conducting workshops on energetic physiology and spiritual self-connection.

Macen’s journey, born from massage, has evolved into a holistic mission, touching lives worldwide.  He is a refuge of healing, empowerment, and spiritual growth for those he encounters, making a profound impact on their journey toward well-being and self-realization.





Taylor introduces herself as a seasoned massage therapist with nearly a decade of experience in the field.  Her training journey unfolded in Flagstaff, Arizona, where she acquired proficiency in various massage modalities.

Taylor’s specialties encompass deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, ROM (range of motion) and she takes pleasure in delivering a relaxation massage as well.  Taylor believes that both of these massage styles offer unique healing experiences, tailored to her clients individual healing and health objectives. 

With a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and kinesiology,  Taylor empowers her clients by imparting knowledge about their own bodies.  She guides them in achieving stability and mobility, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of their lives.